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Horse Races in Red Dead Online (RDO) are a free-for-all Player vs Player (PvP) race mode with some combat.

I worked on a type of race called a Target Race, in which players have to shoot a glowing target along the race route which counts toward their race progression. For this race, I designed the course layout within the RDO world map, setting up target locations, start and finish locations, and weapon pickups, while also leaving room for possible shortcuts to be discovered.

Details of the Target Race can be found below.


Red Dead Online (RDO)




Horse Races (Player vs Player)


PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One S & X, Xbox Series S & X, PC
(Formerly also on Google Stadia)

Target Race - Manzanita Post
This target race goes from Manzanita Post to Quaker’s Cove through the small gang hideout known as Thieves Landing in the western part of the RDO map. The course goes through a forest area, over a river, and then into a desert area.

The race is designed to take no more than four minutes to complete while playing as intended. I designed the course so that it follows a complex path with features such as a slalom, a loop, and a pathway going over a narrow railway bridge. The forested area has a narrower path with players contesting for a podium finish from the beginning. The desert area has wider spaces offering more side-by-side racing and possible shortcuts.

I placed the weapon pickups for a revolver, a repeater, and a shotgun for players to use to their advantage, either to shoot targets with greater accuracy or to shoot other players.

Players can also use pickups for their horse that boosts their stamina. The race is designed such that the player who shoots the final target is the winner, not necessarily the one ahead of all the others.
Video via GROOOVY__C on YouTube
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