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The Halloween variations have a thematic twist with the players battling a “magical” enemy faction and trying to survive through the night until daybreak. These variations have unique weather with a red full moon and thunderstorms.

The enemies in these Halloween variations are called the “Army of the Dead” and are made to look similar to zombies. The armored enemies are shown with their helmets on fire to add to the Halloween theme.

For these variations, I located appropriate towns or settlements where a Halloween theme would be appropriate. I customized the enemy paths, weapon types, and accuracies as well as established possible distinct enemy types for the selected areas. I also added cover props that both enemies and players use that fit with the theme of the area.


Red Dead Online


October 2021, October 2022


Player vs Environment (PvE) Survival Based Mode


PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One S & X, Xbox Series X & S, PC
(Formerly also on Google Stadia)

Call to Arms - Armadillo

This variation takes place in a town known as Armadillo in the desert area of the RDO map. I chose this town due to the abandoned look of the buildings and the large cemetery on the outskirts.

The play area has a mix of building interiors, alleyways, main streets, and wide open spaces outside of the town. I used a “ghost train” that brings in enemy reinforcements at the town’s train station.

Players can take cover on some of the roofs of the town, but have to be wary of the snipers and axe throwers that make their way into town from the desert.

Call to Arms - Shady Belle

This variation takes place at the abandoned settlement of Shady Belle, a mansion near the swamps in the RDO map.

I chose this area since it was a lone building surrounded by open spaces, a stark contrast to other variations. The area's open spaces lend itself well to long-range combat while the inside the mansion requires close-quarters combat.

To utilize the mansion fully, I spawned two of the snipers directly on the roof of the mansion and spawned five shotgun-wielding enemies directly in some of the rooms where players might hide. This adds a surprise element and keeps players on their toes along with creating greater challenges in the mode.

I also added in animal enemy types such as “legendary” white alligators, a panther, and a cougar that made sense for the swamp area. 

Call to Arms - Heartland Oil Fields

This variation takes place at a crude oil refining factory in the middle of the heartlands area of the RDO map.

At night the towers in the area have lamps with an eerie green light that lends itself well to the Halloween theme. From a level design perspective, I chose this area due to the mix of open spaces and the verticality that the towers, roofs of buildings, and the roof of the factory provided. The area is ideal for sniping and mid to long-range combat.

I used a ghost train on the train track running in front of the factory and used it for enemy reinforcements. I added an increased number of snipers in some towers, and used black wolves, and bears as unique enemy variants.
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