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Adwaieet Bhide

I'm a game designer with 4 years of experience in the gaming industry across Quality Assurance & Design.

As a designer, I have worked on multiple Player vs Environment (PvE) and Player vs Player (PvP) projects.

I have an affinity for experiencing video games with player freedom and empowerment, especially in the action-adventure, strategy, rogue-like and tactical genres. I also enjoy table-top RPGs, card-based strategy games and other board games.

Currently, I work at Rockstar Games - India Studio.


 Survival Modes

Call to Arms is a Player vs Environment (PvE) wave-based survival mode for up to four players.


For this project, I took ownership of various level design layouts, combat flow, resource, and upgrade placement and adjusted them as per the theme location within the RDO map. I took into consideration enemy difficulty and distinct enemy variations.

Multiplayer Modes

Showdown Modes are RDO's PvP multiplayer modes with team-based and free-for-all variants.


For these projects, I took ownership of several showdown modes, their respective design layouts, balance changes, and bug fixes. My main focus was ideating, prototyping, and implementing possible modifications to pre-existing modes to put a different spin on them.


Some of these ideas didn't massively change the core gameplay while some others required significant changes in a player's strategic approach to the game mode.

Showdown & Elimnation Series.JPG

Horse Races

Target Race (IGN)_edited.jpg

Target Races are a type of horse race in RDO in which players have to shoot a glowing target that acts as a race checkpoint. The winner is the first player to hit all the targets along the route, not necessarily the one furthest ahead.

For this project I took ownership of a Target Race and was in charge of scouting out a route, allocating target locations, resource pickup placements, unique features, and a cinematic end point.


Bug fixes in this race were mostly to minimize ways in which players could go off the decided route or get stuck in unexpected locations.

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