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Hostile Territory is a PvP four-team, 4 to 16-player game mode with up to 4 players per team. The mode consists of teams focusing on capturing up to five capture points known as territories.

At the end of seven minutes, whichever team has the highest score is declared the winner. If one team manages to capture all five territories, that team is automatically declared the winner, regardless of the timer.


Red Dead Online (RDO)


August 2022


Player vs Player Modes a.k.a. Showdown Modes


PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One S & X, Xbox Series S & X, PC
(Formerly also on Google Stadia)

Hostile Territory - Annesburg

This variation takes place in the mining town of Annesburg, in the northeastern part of the RDO map.

The five territories were spread out between the post office, an under-construction house, a sawmill, an entrance to the mine, and the middle of the processing plant.

I chose this town due to the larger play area with buildings as cover, long sightlines to other territories, options for verticality and flanking options, and different approach routes to each territory.

The town lends itself well to a mix of sniper and shotgun gameplay, with close-quarters combat required to contest territories and long-range combat needed to make safer pushes to other territories.
Video courtesy Armadillo Assassins on Youtube

Hostile Territory - Fort Mercer

Video courtesy of Realdragunov Monitor on YouTube

This variation takes place inside Fort Mercer in the southern desert region of the RDO map.

I chose the fort due to its two-tier structure, with both high and low-ground options for traversal in the Fort. Three of the territories are in the upper section, one in the lower section, and another utilizing a mix of both.

Due to the small nature of the play area due to the Fort, I restricted the spawning and respawning of all the players to the outside of the Fort. All players have to make and/or fight their way into the Fort.

I created multiple points of entry into the Fort along with the already existing doorways and ladders. I used ladder props for an additional way in and created a parkour route using wooden props. I also put an emplaced machine gun known as a Maxim Gun at each territory which has sightlines to two other territories.

The lower section of the Fort is mostly used as cover and for flanking while the upper section is where most of the combat takes place.

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