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Sport of Kings is a PvP two-team game mode for up to eight players, four per team. The game mode has a maximum of five rounds (called bouts in-game), with the first team to win the best three out of five rounds declared as the winner.


Players must battle on horseback to secure a burning torch and ride it through all of their team's signal fires to score a point and win one bout. The first team to win the best three out of five bouts wins the game.


Red Dead Online (RDO)


August 2022


Player vs Player Modes a.k.a. Showdown Modes


PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One S & X, Xbox Series S & X, PC
(Formerly also on Google Stadia)

Sport of Kings - Heartlands Railroad

This variation takes place in the heartlands/prairie region of the RDO map near Emerald Ranch.

Along with having varied terrain, I chose this location due to the train track that goes through the area. I designed the play area such that the track falls in the middle, allowing a passing train to be an obstacle in the regular gameplay. The train passes through the center of the area approximately every 40 seconds, and getting hit by it kills the player instantly.

I placed the signal fires such that players have to cross the train track at least three times in a single bout, creating more possible interactions with the train. This combined with the threat from opposing players, creates more frantic gameplay with higher chances of players being able to pull off a comeback.
Video Courtesy of Bessie Bloodbath on YouTube
(Parts of the video have been sped up)

Sport of Kings - Lake Don Julio

This variation takes place in the desert region of the map, next to Lake Don Julio. I designed this variation with a maze created using wooden structure props as the play area.

The flat ground lends itself well to the maze structure and the players have to be careful of not only opposing players but also learning the layout of the maze. Going through the maze to find the best possible navigational route through all the signal fires is part of what makes this variation different.

The signal fires are dotted around the maze, with the final signal fire being placed near the opposing player's respawn area. I also placed more dynamite bow and arrow pickups since the maze structure can be used as cover. 
Video Courtesy of Brownie RDO on YouTube
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